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About us


Welcome to BellaDOG Magazine. Welcome also to a new age of the ten thousand year old relationship between us dog parents and our astounding companions.

Our evolution has been profound. No longer do we refer to ourselves as “owners.” We own furniture, not dogs. No longer are we content with providing just food and shelter. We’re now aware of the importance of exercise in all its forms. Interaction in all its varieties. The mental as well as the physical health of our furry children.

This newly formed commitment has emerged, wonderfully, from a new awareness of what some within our species are doing to our four-legged friends. But their abuse has increased our compassion. Their neglect only strengthens our love.

At no time has our culture been as attentive to the needs of our pets. Best Friends Animal Society, Animal Rescue Corps, Dogs Deserve Better, The Whole Foods Journal and so many other incredible organizations have thankfully joined together with a mountain of fire and compassion to reach one goal – to better the lives of our animals.

And this magazine and its readers stand with them.

We will no longer allow those who regard dogs as secondary beings to harm them. We will no longer look the other way as companies profit from the proliferation of unhealthy nutrition. We will do our best to learn what needs to be learned in order to care for dogs at a level previous generations simply couldn’t attain.

We promise to feature no product that will not benefit your dog. No service that will not contribute to his vigor and health. We’ll show you the safest toys, the kindest, most effective training tips, new ways to safely treat particular health conditions and In short, everything you need to be the kind of pet parent we know you want to be.

This is what we stand for. This is who we are. A new generation of dog lovers. And the best friends our best friends can possibly have.

~Scott & Sheri-lyn Traylor, Publishers