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Ceramic Dog Bowls: A Healthier Option

Author: John Bitten

It’s surprising how many pet owners don’t think of ceramic dog bowls when they are doing their pet shopping. Instead, they choose plastic, which is cheaper. Many think that ceramic is far more likely to break, though this isn’t necessarily true.

Plastic is actually just as bad for dogs as it is for humans. There are toxins in the plastic that leach into the food and water that is served to your pets. Most people have stopped using plastic dishes and baby bottles because of this problem, so why give your dog something you wouldn’t use?

Many are surprised to find out that ceramic bowls aren’t actually that breakable. They tend to be built quite well and are thick, to resist shattering. Excited dogs can eat out of shallower, flatter bowls that make it harder to flip them. Even if the dog does get the bowl knocked over, it isn’t likely to break.

One of the biggest benefits of using ceramic is that it is very clean and hygienic. They are super easy to wash and don’t suck up chemicals and toxins. The rancid food smell that often lingers after wet or tinned food has been served no longer hangs around. That’s good news for people with dogs that are picky about the smells.

Ceramic is also handy for popping into the dishwasher. The heat of the dishwasher will kill any bacteria or germs and mean that the dish will be completely clean. This is particularly good for outdoor dogs. Food bowls outside tend to attract insects and rodents, even when empty because they contain microscopic bits of food. This can be very unsanitary and may cause the dog to become ill.

The heaviness of a ceramic bowl means that the dog can eat without having the dish sliding across the floor. That’s frustrating for an animal that doesn’t have the option of using hands to hold things still. A nice heavy bowl won’t scoot and he can eat in peace.

Look for a bowl that has a rim to help prevent food from flying out onto the floor. If your dog is a fast eater, this will prevent him from losing half his food as he attacks the bowl. It’s a simple solution to a very common problem. It’s also easier after the dog has been fed, since there won’t be food everywhere.

Many dogs like to use their food bowls as chew toys. When the bowls are plastic, this can be quite dangerous. Ceramic dog bowls are not like this can cannot be chewed, making them a safer option for those dogs that like to gnaw on things.