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How Can I Have Hair-Styling Ideas for My Dog?

Like us, dog nails should be cut to keep clean and safe for them and humans as well. Also, their hair is another important point to notice. It is easy to cut their nails as you just use a tool and begin with the task. However, their hair it could be a bit tricky when you want to help them look more beautiful and lovable. I will give you some hairstyle ideas in my 2-minute article right away!


Some hairstyle ideas for every breed

Teddy Bear Cut

The first place of hearing Teddy Bear, it sounds a bit cut for your pooch – Is it right? This cut is truly treated as a standard between the Cocker Spaniel and the Maltese.

To do this style, you should use a professional dog grooming clipper and trim the dog side with their back hair up to ¼ inch.

Fur from other places should be longer about a ½ inch only. You should also cut around their face until it is round like a Teddy Bear. Be sure to make their fur round at the forehead to go with the coat length.


Maltese Short Cut

The Short Cut is popular for dogs and humans as well. With the Poodles and Bichon Frise, you will see the Maltese Short Cut more.

In general, the dog’s fur is cut off short across their torso with the back and sides are ¼ inch. However, the other parts should be trimmed about 1/16 in the stomach, the chest, the front of the neck and the butt.

On their legs, the fur should be cut longer at 1 ½ inches and flimsy. The top of their head is rounded and the ears are made of bob style. The tail should not be forgotten with 2 inches.


Why do not you attempt this style for your cuties in this season?


Puppy Cut

This style is ideal for all puppies with an adorable appearance as well. Their fur is still increasing in size and it also has not caught a full length. Nonetheless, this idea is also incredible for adult Maltese as it is still simple to continue than a boring standard cut.

For adult Maltese, the length for clipping their fur is similar across their bodies, face, ears as well as a tail. You enable to choose from ¼ to 1 inch as this is a commonplace range for your pooches.

The Puppy Cut is one of the large selections for pups as it is not complicated to trim and keep. It also makes your dog looks stylish as well!


Maltese Bob Cut

Maltese Bob Cut is a similar style of human bob cut – are you surprised? The pooch’s head hair is side-parted in the middle and supported to grow more aside from the ear fur. The rest of the body hair is maintained in a shortcut. This is also a great style that every owner can try for their dogs.


Retriever Cut

This style is created on curly long-haired dogs only and it is also popular for these dogs as well. You can cut around 1 inch along with their whole body. This will help long-hair dogs feel comfortable in a hot season.


Poodle Cut

Have you ever seen a poodle? The Poodle Cut is the poodle image! Though it requires more technical to trim, it is still popular for furry dogs.

It holds equally short fur apart from the dog’s body with more fur on the top of their head and around their necks. This style would also be great for fluffy fur in any dog as well.


 Lion Cut

This mode is commonly seen on Pomeranians because their coat color looks like a lion. Please note that it can be used in other dog breeds and cats as well.

The rear part and the legs are trimmed shorter. The tip of the tail and around their feet could be removed with a pompon. The hardest points of the Lion Cut are that you should keep their fur longer at the front.


Kennel Cut

Kennel Cut is a tremendous choice for a limited time of a dog owner. They do not have to groom in an hour with full of patience! Just keep a shorter length!


Lamb Cut

Why do not you own a little lamb? If your dog has curly hair, then you could try Lamb Cut; especially for puppies.

In the hot summer, your pups will give you a big thank you to shed in some necessary fur. This is considered as a short style around the body with more fur on the legs.

It is also a fabulous idea if it can keep your dog’s feet warm in the winter months during a year. An adaptable style cut for any kind of dog!


Most of the dogs do not really love a bun on the top of their heads. So, the Topknot is a good idea to keep their edges tidy and round as many as you can. Do not make their hair becomes a clown-like!


Use some accessories to make they look different

You know, sometimes you do not have to think of a unique style cut for them. You do not have much time to do it on a daily basis.

Just buy colorful hair ties and make some small difference on the top of their head. However, I think that this should be done with female dogs only.

With a boy, you can use a dog hair clipper and do along with their both sides and their surrounding ear areas.

Or you enable to cut a bit shorter for him only (when you do not have more time to create other styles).


Final Words

In fact, making new hairstyle for your pooches are not consuming you tons of hours. It will make your about 1 or 2 hours only. It does not matter when you are willing to arrange your time and undertake. Another thing you do not know that it will make you a bit time to relax when you do something fun like this!