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How to Choose The Best Food For Hunting Dogs

Best Food For Hunting Dogs

You know, hunting dogs are actually active dogs. As a pet owner, you need to give your hunting dog the best nutrition. By this way, you can help him sustain the energy he needs for his hunting field. But, there are a lot of options to choose on the market these days. Let’s take a look at this article. We will help you know how to choose the best food for hunting dogs. We also provide you the important factors to consider in a dog food.

Best Food For Hunting Dogs

Factors to Consider When Choosing the hunting dog foods

Your hunting dog is related to two things including proper training and diet. But, it’s essential to determine the important factors to consider when choosing the right one. The food you choose needs to be safe for your pet.

Maintenance Food vs Performance Food

You need to maintain your hunting dog accurately. It’s best to feed him 50 percent carbohydrates, 30 percent of protein, and 20 percent of fat. This helps you to maintain the performance as well as the health of your dog. These foods can be able to reduce the dog’s metabolism. At the same time, they reduce your dog’s ability to use fats as well.

Performance food contains high protein and fats. They are used for both the promotion of metabolic endurance in optimum level and mental strength, as well as visual sharpness.So, these foods are ideal for hunting dogs.

Thanks to the difference between these two kinds of food, you can adjust your feeding plansaccording to your dog’s needs.

Hunting Dogs Need More Fat than Carbohydrates

In fact, dogs need more fat than humans. This is considered as their primary energy source. Therefore, you should find dog food coming with a high volume of fat. And, a hunting dog normally needs 20 percent fat. This helps to prevent him from getting tired quicker during hunting activities.

Look at Your Dog’s Activity Levels

In order to determine the exact time to feed maintenance and performance food, you should consider all of your dog’s activities. Even when your pet is not in the hunting season, you still should give him performance food with the reduced percentage of fat.

Determine the Types of Hunting Dog Food

When it comes to choosing the right hunting dog food for your dog, there are twodifferent types to consider.

Canned Foods

Your dog surely loves these foods because of their high protein. In fact, they can be able to give your dog a lesser amount of carbohydrates. That’s why they are great for active dogs. Especially, these foods offer few preservatives because of going through the canning process. Also, they are easier to eat and digest. Moreover, they can be able to not only promote weight but also reduce bloatingthan dry food.

Dry Food

When it comes to the nutritional value, it’s best to look for dry food to feed your dog. It provides your dog low moisture level in order to maintainthe nutrition. So, when feeding your dog dry food, it’s easy to keep your dog from being fit as well as healthy.

Best dog foods for hunting dogs

Solid Gold High Protein Grain-Free Cold Water Salmon

This food contains the high protein. Also, it’s a grain-free food. This choice is an expensive choice. But, it offers excellent fat and protein levels for your hunting dog. The first five ingredients in this food include ocean fish meal, salmon, peas, chicken fat, and pea protein. Because of no grain, the food helps your dog easily digest the food.

Orijen Original Grain-Free Dry Dog Food

This food is very expensive because of the high quality. It contains a 38/18 set of percentages for protein and fat. The first fifteen ingredients of this food are meat proteins, except eggs. This food ensures to give your dog the high-quality and non-filler sources of protein. They are great for your dog.

Taste of the Wild High Prairie Dry Dog Food

This dog food is more affordable than others above on the market. This is also one of the high-protein dog foods today. It’s popular for hunting and working dog owners. It promises to give your dog a good source of fat and protein.The first four ingredients in this formula are lamb meal, sweet potatoes, buffalo, and chicken meal. So, it ensures to provide your dog three great sources of protein as well as non-grain carbohydrates.


Food is one of the most important things for you to consider carefully. Indeed, they can be able to affect their physical health as well as their entire performance.Hopefully, our reviews of some of the best working dog food choices listed in this article can help you can easily choose the best dog food for your hunting dog.