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Meet Young Star and Rescue Volunteer Bella Thorne

Bella Thorne is starring in the new Disney Channel show “Shake It Up” – a teen dance comedy which took over the Hannah Montana time spot. Bella currently volunteers with the Humane Society and also shares a passion for rescue animals.

BellaDOG: We’ve heard you have a lot of pets! What kind of pets do you have and what are their names?

Bella Thorne: I have 6 cats, 1 wolf-hybird, 1 cocker spaniel, 1 turtle, 1 frog. My cats are named Luna, Mae Louise, Ruthy, Daisy Rey, Tiger Lilly, and Penny Sue. Most of my cats are rescues and Mae Louise was born the day my grandma died so we named her after my grandma. Daisy Rey is named after my dad, Delancey Rey who passed away. My wolf is named Voodoo and our little Cocker Spaniel is named Pyro. My turtle’s name is Buddha and our newest addition is my frog, Senorita.

BellaDOG: How does your dog get along with so many cats?

Bella Thorne: My wolf thinks he’s a cat so they get along really well and my cocker spaniel loves cats so it’s one big happy family.

BellaDOG: Tell us a bit about your wolf hybrid. How did you get him?

Bella Thorne: He was my dad’s dog and we took him after my dad passed. He bought him from a breeder in Florida. He’s wolf and husky blend.

BellaDOG: What kind of activities do you like to do with your dogs?

Bella Thorne: We like to take them to a park and run. The dogs also like to go to the beach. Voodoo gets car sick and is afraid to go on car rides but Pyro loves it.

BellaDOG: Do your pets ever come with you on the road or on set?

Bella Thorne: No, they don’t come to set since I am always working and they’d be trapped in my room. It wouldn’t be fair especially since Voodoo gets car sick. We have taken the dogs on family vacations. They especially loved Big Bear and the snow. Senorita, my frog stays on set with me.

BellaDOG: They sound like they have a lot of personality!

Bella Thorne: I think it’s funny on Halloween with the dogs. They see my brother with a mask and totally freak out. The cocker spaniel pushes Voodoo towards my brother and encourages him to bark and howl at my brother. It’s funny though because as soon as my brother gets close, they run away barking and howling.

BellaDOG: It’s great to see a young star find time to volunteer at the Humane Society! Tell us why you decided to help.

Bella Thorne: I love animals and wanted to work with them. I saw how many animals don’t have homes and how much they just want a little love. Most of my cats are adopted.