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Who is The Top Dog in the Family?

Dog Behavior: Like Children, They Need Leadership and Guidance Dogs have the inclination towards being “pack” animals. Just like their ancestors from whom they evolved, the wolf, dogs think in terms of partnerships and teamwork when it comes to certain Read More

Top 10 Dog Parks & Runs of New York City

New York City is famous for its beautiful parks, where residents can enjoy a quiet escape from the surrounding bustling streets. Dogs need an escape from the tight living quarters of the city-life as well. So what better place to Read More

Hollywood Villan has a Heart for Puppies

In 2004, David Dayan Fisher was living every actor’s dream. He had successfully transitioned to Hollywood from London three years earlier, landed a role in National Treasure with Nicolas Cage, and was making better money than he ever had before. Read More

Trista Sutter – Celebrities Making a Difference

Trista Sutter was the original Bachelorette from ABC’s “The Bachelorette” and has also made appearances on NBC’s “Fear Factor” and ABC’s “Dancing with the Stars.” Trista was selected as spokesperson for Purina’s Tales for the Pet Lover’s Heart campaign because Read More

Country Star Heidi Newfield & Cash

Heidi Newfield is the diminutive blond who became famous for her explosive voice, rambunctious stage antics, and trademark unruly curls. Once known for her role as lead singer, rhythm guitarist, and harmonica player for platinum-selling, ACM Award-winning band, Trick Pony, Read More